Compliance is about following best practices and protecting our core values.

What is compliance?

Compliance means following laws and policies, but at a more fundamental level, compliance is about following established best practices and acting in accordance with our deepest held values.

Safety, Privacy, Equity, Security, Integrity – these are some of the values upon which our laws and policies are based. We want to ensure every member of the campus community has a safe and equitable experience. Our confidential and sensitive data must be secure. And as a public institution, we must ensure we are managing our resources with integrity and accountability.

Through the process of developing laws and policies, subject matter experts come together to identify best practices that help protect our core values. Although it can be hard to achieve any level of consensus in the political process, when best practices are codified in law or policy, they generally result from a rigorous review process and reflect a substantial amount of agreement.

At the University, we strive to fully comply with all laws and policies. Compliance professionals with subject matter expertise are available to provide campus with guidance about our compliance responsibilities and obligations.



University policies and procedures are the foundation of our compliance work.

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Ethics and Compliance Hotline

Report concerns to the University’s 24-hour Anonymous Ethics and Compliance Hotline.


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Compliance Training

Understand your role in helping to maintain a safe, equitable, and ethical campus.

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