Compliance Partners

Compliance is an integral aspect of every program and service offered by the University. Trained, experienced compliance professionals are available to help you understand all of the policies and requirements that apply to you and your unit.

By following applicable laws and policies, we can help ensure we are acting consistently with best practices and safeguarding our most fundamental values.

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Kyle Eisenmann, Associate Director of Athletics, Compliance

(520) 621-5692

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Clery Act

SevaPriya Barrier, Executive Director, Compliance

(520) 621-7743

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Office for Responsible Outside Interests

Taren Ellis Langford, Conflict of Interest Director

(520) 626- 8266

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Disability Access

Amanda Kraus, ADA/504 Compliance Officer

(520) 621-6505

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Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight (ESCRO) Committee

Mariette Marsh, Assistant VP, Regulatory Affairs & Safety


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Export Controls Program

Kay Ellis, Director

(520) 626-2437

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Alex Underwood, Registrar

(520) 621-3432

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Financial Aid Compliance

Bobbi Lehman, Director

(520) 626-6338

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Financial Services

Stacey Lemos, Assistant VP & Comptroller

(520) 621-0690

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Human Resources

Staci Wilson, Assistant Vice President

(520) 621-6785

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Human Subjects Protection Program

Christine Melton-Lopez, Director of Human Services Privacy Program

(520) 626-8630

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Immigration Services

Dana Bleau, Executive Director, Employee Immigration Services, Compliance & Contracts

(520) 626-6289

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Information Security

Lanita Collette, Chief Information Security Officer

(520) 621-2323

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Information Technology

Barry Brummund, Chief Information Officer

(520) 621-9723

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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Mariette Marsh, Assistant VP, Regulatory Affairs & Safety

(520) 626-7575

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Native American Advancement and Tribal Engagement

Levi Esquerra, Senior VP

(520) 621-6788

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Office of Institutional Equity

Kris Klotz, Assistant Vice President, Equity

(520) 621-9181


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Office of Youth Safety

(520) 621-6704



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Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance

Steve Kelly, Assistant Vice President, Treasury

(520) 621-7780

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Danielle Oxnam, Project Director

(520) 621-6436 

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Ted Nasser, Chief Procurement Officer

(520) 621-5449

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Records Management & Archives

Andy Bryant, Manager

(520) 621-5666


Research Compliance

Sangita Pawar, VP of Operations, Research Innovation & Impact

(520) 621-1105

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Research Integrity Program

Scott Pryor, Research Integrity Officer

(520) 621-0598

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Research Laboratory & Safety Services

Leon Harris, Director

(520) 626-5468 


Responsible Conduct of Research Program

Scott Pryor, Research Integrity Officer

(520) 621-0598


Risk Management

Miguel Delgado, Chief Risk Officer

(520) 621-5392 


Sponsored Projects Financial Compliance

Marcel Villalobos, Assistant Director

(520) 626-6311

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Title IX

Mary Beth Tucker, Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer & Title IX Coordinator

(520) 621-9438

medical practice

UA Health Sciences Research Administration

Lauren Zajac, Associate VP, Research Administration

(520) 621-0724


UA Police Department

Chris Olson, Interim Chief of Police

(520) 621-8273